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My Lucky Luke Collection

My first Lucky Luke comics was an old Madhu Muskan comics version which I bought for Rs. 10/- from a second-hand book shop.  It was translation of  King Smith titled as 'Smith Raja'.  At that time I was unaware about Lucky Luke but bought the book as it was a 'Madhu Muskan' title.  However, later on I came to know about Lucky Luke comics through some comics blogs which raised the curiosity in me about him.  I took out the comics from my heaps of comics and read it.  However, I did not enjoy it. Reason was bad translation.  But as I did not read the LL comics in English and so was under the impression that Lucky Luke comics are not good.  However, later on while browsing 'Comicology' a very fantastic blog about current comics I came to know about the availaibility of Lucky Luke comics in English in India through publishers like Tara Press, Euro Books and Cinebook.  I wanted to read them to know as to whether they would also feel bad to me in English as well or as to whether I shall have a different opinion about them after reading them in English.  However, that curiosity of mine was not strong enough to convince me to buy Lucky Luke comics as all of them was having a price tag of around 200/-.  At that time I was not buying expensive comics and was concentrating more on old gems relating to my childhood.  I did not want to spend a huge sum of just for a chance reading. 
However, as luck would have it on a Saturday evening in Oct. 2010 when I was returning from Delhi Public Library empty-handed as I did not find any good book to borrow on that date on the gate I noticed a teenager who was in the line of returning of books.  He  was having a book with a bright cover. As the cover seemed somewhat fimilar to me, I tried to read the title and found that it was a LL title - The Dalton City - by Cinebook. I thought it would be better to give a chance to LL in English by way of borrowing it from library.   I asked him whether he was returning the book so that I can issue the same. When he responded in positive I waited patintly for him to return the book and grabbed it as soon as it was on the re-issue table. 
However, due to previous experience I could not gather courage to read it and it kept on the shelf of my almirah for 13 days.  Finally, the day came when I had to return the book.  As I had to go to dispensary on that Saturday I also took the book with me so that after finishing my work in dispensary I would return the book to library as library is near to the dispensary.  However, I finished early in the dispensary then expected and as there was still some time in the opening of library for utilizing my time I sat in a park and as I had no other book then  I started reading that LL title.  The rest as they say is history.  I thoroughly enjoyed the comics and became an instant fan of LL. I found and read all the LL cinebook available in the library.
However, I started my collection only from April, 2011 and so far collected 49 comics of Lucky Luke by four publishers - both national and international - in 2 languages (English & Hindi). He is list of my Lucky Luke comics.

Madhu Muskan Comics:-
1. Smith Raja.

Tara Press:-

2.      Ma Dalton.


3.      The Tenderfoot.


4.      Jesse James.


5.      Western Circus.


6.      The Dashing White Cowboy.



7.      The Alibi.


8.      Ghost Hunt.


9.      Kid Lucky.


10.      Oklahoma Jim


11.      The Prophet


12.      Belle Star


13.      The Klondine.


14.      The Pony Express.


15.      Sarah Bernhardt


16.    The Bridge on the Mississippi


17.    The Hanged Man’s Rope and other Stories.


18.    The Ballad of the Daltons and other Stories.


19.    Daisy Twon.


20.    Fingers.


21.    Marcel Dalton. 


22.    The Artist.


23.    The Legend of the West.


24.    The Daily Star.


25.    Lucky Luke’s Fiancee.


26.    Nitrolycerine.


27.    The Cursed Ranch.


28.    The Beautiful Province.


29.    From the Gallows to the Altar.


30.    The Daltons’ Loot.


31.      No. 1:-  Billy the Kid.


32.      No. 2:-  Ghost Town.


33.      No. 3:-  Dalton City.


34.      No. 5:-  In the Shadow of the Derricks.


35.      No. 7:-  Barbed Wire on the Prairie.


36.      No. 8:- Calamity Jane.


37.      No. 9:-  The Wagon Train.


38.      No. 10:- Tortillas for the Daltons.


39.      No. 12:- The Rivals of Painful Gulch.


40.    No. 15:-  The Daltons in the Blizzard.


41.    No. 16:-  The Black Hills.


42.    No. 17:-  Apache Canyon.


43.    No. 18:- The Escort.


44.    No. 19:- On the Daltons’ Trail.


45.    No. 21:- The 20th Cavalry.


46.    No. 22:- Emperor Smith.


47.    No. 23:-  A Cure for the Daltons.


48.    No. 24:- The Judge.


49.    No. 25:- The Stagecoach. 
Considering the fact that in total there are around 70+ LL titles it is a good collection.  As the old distributor of Cinebook titles have stopped distributing the titles of Cinebook in India, it is a littile bit difficult to get new titles of LL published by Cinebook but I am patiently waitingly the another distributor to bring these beautiful titles to India.  I need just one more book to make my LL 'half century'. 
I hope so.
I shall try to post pictures of my Lucky Luke as well  in the near future.
Next:- My Inderjal Comics Collection.
Coming soon:- My write up on Byomkesh Bakshi.
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